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Who we are, why we're here:

HAILaGEEK was founded by a Houston-area group of certified and highly skilled IT Technicians, each with over 15 years experience. We partnered together to make our skills available to individuals and small businesses on an as-needed basis through a website.

Each of us worked career jobs in the managed IT services industry, but we also realized that many small companies and most individuals can't afford an expensive monthly managed IT services contract. As we observed the alternative, as-needed IT service options available to individuals, including our own family and friends, and small businesses, including some of our favorites, we were disappointed in the quality of service they received.

HAILaGEEK was created to offer something better. We believe we will substantially raise the quality of service and accountability in the on-demand IT services industry.

Our customer-service administrator has over 20 years experience in the IT business. Your complete satisfaction with our services and billing practices is our top priority. You'll never be charged for a service trip until you approve the trip, and you'll never be charged for any work unless you have approved the work estimate.

From there, we go a step further than other IT service providers by offering you the opportunity to purchase a fee-adjustment peer review on any work done after it has been done. You read that right: after the work is completed, if you're not satisfied with it, you can purchase a $35 peer review whereby three other IT technicians with relevant skill sets will review the quality of the work that was done and vote on whether you should be charged the regular price, a discounted price, or not charged at all. It's like purchasing an extended warranty ... after your product stops working. To our knowledge, no other IT service provider goes so far to assure and verify the quality of their service.

Thank you for visiting our site, and please contact us with any questions.


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