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Refund Policy

BEST OPTION: If you're not satisfied with the work done by a technician through the HAILaGEEK app, you can request a fee adjustment at the end of the job, before approving the job for payment. We will review the job details and determine what adjustment should be made to the fee. This is your best option for obtaining a fee adjustment. A $20 payment is required to request a job review.

ALTERNATE OPTION: If you've already paid for the job, you can contact customer service to request a refund. We'll review your request and consider issuing a refund. A $20 payment is required up front for the review, but we may refund this payment as well as the original amount paid.

QUALIFYING: Any request for a fee adjustment or refund must be accompanied by a $20 payment. This payment covers the cost of our review of the job. We will determine whether work was performed incorrectly, the advice given was poor, or your job otherwise qualifies for a refund or fee adjustment. A fee adjustment or refund will be based on our decision.

TRAVEL FEES: Most technicians charge a fee for traveling to your location to evaluate the work to be done. This fee is not refundable unless we determine that you were misled by the technician up front concerning their ability to perform the work based on a reasonable evaluation of your description of the work to be done before they traveled to your location.

CHANGES TO THIS POLICY: This policy is subject to change at any time. Changes affect the policy regarding all jobs initiated after the date and time of the change.


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